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  • Nutrition Workshop - 27.07.16
    Nutrition Workshop - 27.07.16



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At Life Fit we specialise in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems. This is the area of physiotherapy that deals with back and neck pain, joint and muscular problems, ligament tears, sports injuries and rehabilitation after surgery to name but a few. Read more...

Sports Massage

Soft-tissue massage techniques may be used in your physiotherapy treatment regime although more often than not it is only a part of the overall treatment, depending on the problem. It helps to alleviate any tension or stress which builds up in your body’s soft tissue. Read more...

Women's Health Physiotherapy

This is a specialist area of physiotherapy and therapists working in this field are trained to assess and manage problems relating to the pelvic floor muscles, as well as physical symptoms linked to pregnancy ,childbirth and gynaecological surgery. Read more...

Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on health and clinical issues.


Dietetics and Nutrition

Registered dietitians are qualified health professionals that assess, diagnose and treat diet and nutrition problems at an individual and wider public health level. . Read more...

Sports and Exercise Medicine

Sport and Exercise Medicine is made up of three elements; exercise as a way to improve health, exercise as treatment for illness and the treatment of injuries from sport. Read more...

Podiatric Biomechanics

A podiatric biomechanical assessment will help to identify poor foot function and associated lower limb malalignment. If required, orthotic insoles can be prescribed to enable the foot to function nearer to its ideal. Read More...


Pilates is a mind body conditioning exercise program originated by Joseph Pilates. It focuses attention on core postural muscles that help keep the human body balanced and provide support for the spine. Read More...

Pilates Reformer

Using a Pilates Reformer brings another dimension to our Pilates services. The extra external resistance from the springs and the effort required to stabilise the body on a moving platform adds a different challenge to your programme and helps produce faster results for a strong body. Read More...

Hatha Yoga

Yoga has many health benefits which help to release tension, develop better concentration as well as strengthening and toning your entire body. The beauty of our class is that you can work at your own level and challenge yourself as far as you feel comfortable under the guidance of your teacher. Read More...

Chair Fit

Predominantly chair based, this class is ideal for anyone with mobility issues but wishing to take part in a gentle, yet stimulating, session. Read More...

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a safe, natural, dynamic fun activity where the use of a specially designed pair of Nordic Walking poles is added to your regular natural walking technique. Correct technical use of the poles helps maintain good posture and integrates the activation of your upper body into the walking, simply meaning you work more muscles at a higher rate! Read More...

Physio Fit

Good old skool circuit action mixed in with some high quality Physio Rehab/Prehab. Read More...

Core Fit

Much more than crunches and sit ups!

Back Fit & Back Fitter

If you have suffered with back pain in the past or have a niggling lower back problem that just won’t go away then our Back Fit is for you. You will gain knowledge in the anatomy and basic biomechanics of your back and be educated how you can help yourself with postural management and an extensive exercise regime. Read More..