Pilates Masterclass Day

Join us for a special day of Pilates Masterclass sessions!

Saturday March 25th 2017 from 9.30am


Everyone attending is encouraged to enjoy as many sessions as they can.  We have designed the timetable so you can attend from 1-3 classes during the day and we are happy for you to spend time relaxing in the reception area in between sessions and maybe even catch a virtual masterclass from one of our favourite Pilates gurus and some archival footage from Joseph Pilates!

All sessions will be a maximum of 6-8 people and will last for 45 minutes.  They are charged at £5 per session with a timetable that will allow you to attend 3 sessions throughout the morning.  Please call to book and reserve your place as spaces are limited!


Hip to Toe – The Lower Limb Class (Gillian Brown)

Focusing from your hips down to your toes. Within this class we will focus on improving your lower limb strength, control and flexibility using a variety of Pilates inspired exercises and small equipment. The class will include a combination of exercises on the mat and standing. From beginners to advanced Pilates enthusiasts, there will be exercises to challenge all.


Pilates Magic Circle – Discover the real Magic! (Carolyn Kent)

Most people are familiar with the magic circle.  It is a small piece of pilates apparatus which can be used to provide moderate resistance to exercises.  In this class the ring will be utilised for a full body workout. Encouraging people to challenge their strengths and weaknesses. This class will involve both strength and flexibility work and there will be a level appropriate for all regardless of experience. Come experience the magic of the circle!


Take A Seat – Make the Chair work for You (Arlene Bowmaker)

A workout that can be done with any stable chair, designed for those who have to spend time during their day sitting and want some ideas to make it more dynamic.  The chair will be used as a seat and a balance aid – see the chair in a new light, it can be good for your posture if used to your advantage!


Pilates Studio Circuit – Experience the Reformer and more (Valentina Pintus)

If you want to add a new dimension to your matwork repertoire then look no further than our Pilates Studio Circuit session. We will be utilising some of the larger pieces of the pilates equipment in a new and exciting circuit style class.  This session is suitable for every level of student even those who have no experience using this style of kit! Take an opportunity to sample a taster of what will become a regular feature on our timetable.


GYM 1 GYM 2/3
9.30-10.15 Magic Circle Take A Seat
10.30-11.15 Lower Limb Magic Circle
11.30-12.15 Take A Seat Pilates Studio Circuit
12.30-1.15 Lower Limb Pilates Studio Circuit