Mindfulness, Movement & Meditation

By Clare Gauster, Mindful Yoga Teacher

After teaching Mindful Yoga for the last 4 years and having just had a summer sabbatical, I am looking forward to coming back to Life Fit Wellness to do a series of workshops. These will bring together my passion for Yoga and Mindfulness and exploring how this can help in everyday life.

My story and journey into Mindfulness, Movement & Meditation starts from my previous career within the hotel and catering industry… 

I worked in the hotel and restaurant business for 40 years, first in Switzerland, then Germany before opening The Hatherley in Falkirk. Feeling the strain of this work I ended up going to a yoga class to sort out a sore back and a stressed out head! From the first class I was overwhelmed by how it “made me feel” and kept asking the question…


This has been my constant enquiry and led me to train as a yoga teacher. Still finding no immediate answers, I looked around and explored other avenues such as:

  • Chi Kung with David Athol
  • Several retreats to Holy Island with Alistair Appelton for Mindfulness
  • Buddism
  • Psychotherapy
  • Visited Samye Ling to train with Rob Nairn and Choden
  • An 8 week Mindfulness Course with Ratnadevi, before eventually doing the one year Mindfulness Teachers Development Course with Ratnadevi and Charlotte Procter.

All this has helped me understand how MMM can change how you feel by understanding how the mind works. Evolution has given us, in the words of Paul Gilbert, a “tricky mind”and the more we get to know it the more we realise lots of things are not our fault.

We can bring kindness and compassion to this work to help heal so that we can Live with Awareness and live life to the full. Appreciating the joy and goodness but also being able to deal with the difficult.

If you are interested in coming to one of the workshops ran by Clare or would like to know more information about Mindfulness and Meditation then please contact us.


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