Back & Neck Pain Clinic

Based at Life Fit Wellness in Falkirk, the Back & Neck Pain clinic is run by our team of specialist physiotherapists.  They are highly experienced in both the diagnosis and treatment of spine-related disorders and are passionate about helping people affected by back and neck pain.  Whether you have longstanding pain, a joint irritation, a disc problem, a trapped nerve, sciatica or surgery, they are here to help.

Not all back and neck pain is the same and also how it affects people can be wide-ranging.  Therefore time is taken to listen to how the issue is affecting you before conducting a thorough examination.  You will also have plenty of time to commence treatment on your first visit.  The physiotherapists have a vast range of clinical skills that can be used to assist you.  The various options will be discussed with you to best match the treatment with your specific presentation.

In addition to perhaps some hands-on treatment, your recovery is maximised through key exercises and advice on your daily activities.  It is important to try to address causes of your back pain, and again time is taken to address these factors.

To complement the Back & Neck Pain Clinic, Life Fit Wellness offers a wide range of specialist exercise classes.  In particular, we run a Back Fit class, a wide range of Physiotherapist-led Pilates classes, and a Physiotherapist-led Yoga Class.  All of these are delivered by our team of physiotherapists who are highly experienced in managing back and neck pain giving you confidence to engage with exercise.

We are always happy to discuss the best options for you prior to attending and we can be contacted here.