It’s Good to Breathe

Chartered Physiotherapist, Maria Lopez, discussed different types of breathing, why this is important, and what can be done to optimise breathing.  This is a very interesting blog on a topic we all take for granted when perhaps we should pay a little more attention to it!  READ MORE





Life Fit goes CrossFit: Physio-style

Life Fit Chartered Physiotherapist Raz Leonard recently had the pleasure of joining in the lunch time WOD (Workout of the day) at CrossFit 1298 in Falkirk, hosted and coached by Graham Gordon. It’s a great, super friendly box and gave Raz the opportunity to reflect on her CrossFit history and why she enjoys working with CrossFit athletes.




Managing low back pain in golfers

Low back pain is by far the most common complaint that we manage in the clinic as is also the most common injury in golfers.  Chartered Physiotherapist, Emmet Kennedy, discusses this issue providing expert tips and tricks for management….READ MORE


Keeping motivated for exercise

Maintaining motivation to exercise can be a challenge. In this blog, Fitness Coach, John Hesketh discusses common factors that can affect exercise motivation and gives tips on how to overcome this…READ MORE






Don’t let the big freeze stop you moving!

We have all been affected by the recent extreme weather conditions.  Chartered Physiotherapist Stewart Kerr has some advice on how to keep your body moving when all around us is coming to a stand still…READ MORE



Musicians! Are you Fit to Play?

Our resident Music and Performing Arts specialist Physiotherapist, Maria Lopez, guides us through some common musician’s issues and provides some tips on how to look after the most important instrument, the body….READ MORE



Walk Before You Can Run? Starting Running

Are you thinking of taking up running?  David Bowmaker, Chartered Physiotherapist, discusses how to refine your walking first…  READ MORE 



Breaking Barriers to Exercise..Breaking Barriers

Are you struggling to start a new exercise regime, can’t find the motivation or think you won’t enjoy it?  Chartered Physiotherapist,  Stewart Kerr, discusses some helpful ways forward.  READ MORE