Dr Terrina Dickson

GP | Dermatology Specialist | Mole Specialist | Minor Surgery

Dr Dickson is a highly experienced medic who is passionate about delivering quality care with the highest standards.

Dr Dickson is a GP who has also pursued a career in dermatology and minor surgery.  She has worked as a locality surgeon in Lothian and Midlothian and is also the main Vasectomy Surgeon in Lothian.  Dr Dickson offers private GP consultations, health screening and assessments for a wide variety of medical and health presentations at Life Fit Wellness.  She will often see people with complex medical conditions and presentations and in addition to being able to carry out her own assessment and investigations, has a network of trusted colleagues she can refer to where indicated. 

Having spent 8 years in the Dermatology department at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and completed multiple postgraduate dermatology qualifications, she has a specialist interest in this area of practice.  This includes moles, skin lesions and tumors, and she will consult on these presentations in her specialist mole screening and dermatology clinics at Life Fit.