Pilates ARC Class

VP spine

Join our new Pilates ARC classes to Align, Restore and Connect.

This class is based at our Kingsfield site in Linlithgow, and uses the Pilates ARC. This is a versatile piece of small apparatus used to enhance spinal movement and alignment, whilst aiding strength and full body conditioning. It gives many options for a great workout based around the Pilates method. The ARC can be your ‘supportive friend’ facilitating the movement and making it less demanding and more achievable. Alternatively it can be your ‘motivational’ friend, pushing and challenging you to achieve new movement levels and muscular connections.

Whether you are a completely new to the Pilates method or have been practising Pilates for years, this class is perfect for you!


New to Pilates with Life Fit Wellness? 

To ensure everyone has the best possible start both to maximise enjoyment and effectiveness, we provided an initial 1-to-1 session with one of our Pilates Physiotherapists. This gives you the opportunity also to discuss any goals or concerns you may have prior to embarking on a class. An introductory package including the individual session plus 2 classes (1 face-to-face and 1 virtual) makes getting started easy.


60 Minute Class
Available at:

Linlithgow (Kingsfield)