Private Medical Services

Dr Terrina Dickson

Private GP | Dermatology Specialist | Mole Screening | Minor Surgery Specialist

  • Private GP Consultations
  • Mole Screening
  • Pregnancy Health
  • Health Assessments
  • Dermatology Assesment
  • Sexual Health Clinic
  • Vasectomy Counselling
  • Travel Clinic
  • Vaccinations
  • Visa Medicals

The Private GP Services at Life Fit Wellness are provided by Dr Terrina Dickson and offer patients the opportunity to have flexible appointment lengths to suit their specific needs.  The services range from private GP consultations to specialist skin assessments and treatment.  Also on offer are a wide range of health assessment packages which offer patients the opportunity to look proactively at their health and well-being.

The specialist skin and mole screening services allow individuals quick access to an expert opinion for your peace of mind.  The clinic offers specialist assessment equipment allowing the doctor to accurately evaluate your presentation.

Our clinic has quick access to laboratories for rapid analysis of blood and other specialist testing.

With the Medical Services being integrated within the other healthcare and exercise services at Life Fit, referral to other clinicians and exercise professionals is simple and easy.

As part of our Occupational Health Service, we also offer corporate medical packages to suit the particular requirements of employers – from small to large companies. Competitive rates and bespoke, flexible packages can be provided. Contact us to enquire or see below for further service specific information. 

Private GP Appointments

There are 4 lengths of GP appointments available, please click here for further information.


Mole Screening 

Please click here for more detailed information regarding our mole screening services. 


Pregnancy Services

For more information about our Medical Services for pregnant women, please click here.


Health Assessment Packages

We offer a range of health assessments and screenings. Please click here for more specific details and pricing options.