Mole Screening

As part of our medical services we offer Mole Screening which assess any worrisome moles and skin lesions you may have. Please see below for further details:


Mini Mole Screen (£100)

A 15 minutes consultation for patients who have concerns about skin lesions. Up to 4 moles or skin lesions can be assessed at this time. The moles or skin lesions are assessed using a Handyscope™ which allows a detailed assessment. These images can be saved securely for future comparison. 


Full Body Mole Screen (£280)

This 30 minutes consultation includes a sun risk assessment full body skin examination:

  • mole assessment
  • skin lesion assessment
  • screening for all forms of skin cancer

Images are reviewed by the doctor during the consultation and recommendations will be discussed with you. Images are securely stored for future comparison. Occasionally the doctor will recommend that a mole be reassessed following the initial screening – this is a 10-minute appointment and is included within the initial charge.


Mole Screen Annual Recall (£230)

A 30 minutes appointment. Patients are invited to join the annual recall list. You will receive a letter yearly inviting you to attend for a further full body mole screen. As a patient, you may opt out of the recall programme at any time.