Sports Injury Clinic

The team at Life Fit Wellness are experts in treating, managing and rehabilitating sports injuries. Our wealth of knowledge and experience in treating sports injuries, enables us to get the sporting individual back to what they love doing as soon as possible, whilst also trying to prevent the same issue happening again! We have worked extensively with The Scottish Institute of Sport, British Athletics as well as many Scottish National Governing Bodies (Tennis, Athletics, Badminton, Archery, Basketball, Curling, Swimming, and Football) as well with many local sports clubs.

Our extensive experience treating athletes comes from our involvement with a huge variety of different sports from beginners, to social and Olympic athletes. Combining our in depth knowledge of the human body in conjunction with biomechanical and physiological knowledge of most sports enables us to treat every body with the same importance and passion, matching the significance sport plays in your life.

To see who is the most appropriate to treat your problem please see the individual practitioner profiles. 

More detailed information about what’s offered at our Sports Injury Clinic can be found below:

  • Sports Physiotherapy

As dedicated physiotherapy professionals we apply the same passion to sports physiotherapy as we do to everything else. Our vast knowledge, coupled with our clinical and exercise expertise enables us to treat you in the best possible way. Taking you from setback to comeback – playing, training and competing.  Our exceptional facilities allow us to treat and rehabilitate you back to, and beyond the level you were before you became injured. Understanding why you got injured in the first place is as important as treating the actual injury. Most non-traumatic injuries have underlying reasons why you got injured (weakness, excessive load progression, flexibility, technical etc). Identifying and educating you how to change or improve these variables and a comprehensive progressive rehabilitation plan can reduce the likelihood of further injury.

The Musculoskeletal Scan and Injection Clinic may also be of great use in achieving an accurate diagnosis as well as offering additional treatment options in the form of injection therapy.

  • Sports Medicine

Sports and Exercise Doctors are specialists in the treatment of injury and illness related to sport and physical activity. Dr Alethea Beck is a registered Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine. Alethea runs a clinic on a weekly basis to help you get back to optimal health and fitness. Many medical conditions can be improved by exercise. It is often essential to get medical guidance before beginning exercise as well as getting a medical diagnosis.

  • Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition is hugely important during training and competing but it is also very important during injury. We pride ourselves in being able to offer the clinical services of Nikos Jakubiak a full-time Dietitian/Sports Nutritionist at The Scottish Institute of Sport as he consults from Life Fit. You can be assured of the most up to date evidence based advice to help you recover from injury and maintain a healthy weight during your lay off.

  • Sports Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation after virtually every injury is essential to achieve optimal recovery and prepare your tissues to be able to tolerate the high forces that are a part of playing sport at every level. Re-injury is a very common reality and very frustrating. Our expert physiotherapists, with post-graduate qualifications in sports and exercise can guide you through this process by prescribing individualised personal rehabilitation plans, supervised exercise in our own studio gyms and referring you into our bespoke classes, such as PhysioFit, to ensure you get back your sport as soon, for as long as possible.

  • Sports Massage

Sports massage can be an invaluable adjunct when exercising or training hard. It should however be used in conjunction with other strategies like strengthening and movement work to try and address the reason why you are getting tight. This can then often pave the way for improved performance, less tightness and less injuries.  It you get tight doing ‘something’ don’t expect to suddenly not get tight doing the same ‘something’ without adding something different into the mix. Sports Massage is delivered by our physiotherapists as well as our expert Massage Therapist. 

  • Dance Injuries

We see dancers as a physical activity like any other sport and indeed probably one of the most challenging. We see dancers from many disciplines and everything we have said under the categories above applies to dancers.