High Volume Injections for Tendons

High volume tendon injections can be used mainly for Achilles and Patellar tendon problems that have not responded to rehabilitation and other forms of conservative management and treatment.  In chronic tendon problems, extra blood vessels and nerve endings form in and around the affected portion of the tendon and it is thought that this may contribute to ongoing pain.

High volume tendon injections, or stripping, uses salt water to disrupt these vessels and nerve endings to facilitate recovery. This can be a good option for those who have failed to see acceptable improvement through a good rehabilitation program.  Studies have shown that in these circumstances, high volume injections produce lasting improvements which are maximised in conjunction with ongoing rehabilitation.

Prior to the procedure a thorough clinical examination and diagnostic ultrasound scan are undertaken to ensure the suitability of the procedure.  The injection is undertaken under ultrasound guidance for safety and accuracy.  The procedure consists of injecting local anaesthetic followed by a high volume of salt water (saline) into the surrounding border of the tendon but not into the tendon itself.

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