Musician’s Clinic

Music performance involves high mental and physical demands, often accompanied of huge levels of stress and workload.  Rapid, complex and highly coordinated repetitive movements are needed for instrumental practice.

Unfortunately, musicians often suffer from playing related injuries that will have an impact on their performance quality and could lead to inability to play if left unattended.

When injury occurs, prompt assessment, accurate diagnosis and rehabilitation is crucial. Correct technique, adequate practice habits, progressive increase of playing time, warming up before, cooling down and stretching exercises after playing are some of the important factors to consider in order to prevent performance related pain or injury.

Musicians should consider themselves as athletes. They need to use their bodies as well as their instrument as a tool for performance. This is why correct function of the body is so important to undertake good quality instrumental practice.

When assessing a musician in the clinic, the musician will be assessed on and off their instrument. Real time video feedback of their playing technique and slow motion video analysis will be carried out in order to accurately identify where dysfunction happens. Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, an individualised treatment plan with short term and long term goals will be established.

When rehabilitating a musician, the instrumentalist will continue to play or return to some level of playing as soon as possible. We will help them recover from their injury to facilitate safe return to their previous level of playing as well as investigate the underlying cause of their condition to provide correct advice and education to prevent further episodes.

We also organise injury prevention workshops for musicians where you will learn about your body, healthy practice habits, load management, instrumental posture and best way to minimise unnecessary muscle tension. 

Please contact us if you require any further information, would like to book an assessment or attend one of our injury prevention workshops.

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