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Vital PM and Life Fit Wellness present: Strength & Conditioning with Rehabilitation of Runners
10th & 11th November 2018
Tutors: Benoy Matthew and Glen Robbins

Day 1: Movement Screening and Running Re-training/Day 2: Running Re-training and Conditioning Strategies.

This highly practical course provides a unique opportunity to integrate an evidence based approach to injury prevention and performance enhancement in the management of running injuries. There will be a particular focus on functional screening and movement analysis to guide exercise prescription and progression. Various training models and exercise regimes (Single leg training, Posterior Chain Strength, Hip Stabilisation, Dynamic Core Strength training) will be explored.

There will be a practical demonstration of running analysis to identify inefficient running patterns and develop interpretation skills and correct basic running technique if indicated. Particular emphasis will be placed on analysing running biomechanics using Video Analysis and then correcting movement dysfunction through movement re-education and movement re-patterning, utilising a variety of tools. The evidence behind and practical application of running retraining and adjunctive interventions are also explored.

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