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Michael King Pilates & Life Fit Wellness present: Kick Start Scotland 2018
January 20th & 21st 2018
Tutors: Michael King and Malcolm Muirhead

Join Michael King and Malcolm Muirhead in two days of Pilates sessions and workshops designed to motivate and educate by bringing the latest research and techniques to enhance your Pilates method.   Programme includes; Foundation Pilates, Standing Pilates, Partner Pilates, Happy Feet:Happy Pelvis and much more!

Michael and Malcolm are regular instructors on Pilates Anytime and having created the Pilates Institute in the UK 1999 now work under MK Pilates which is currently running pilates training in 30 Countries. You can read more about MK Pilates HERE .

The course cost is £295 and you can find more information and book HERE


Jilly Bond and Life Fit Wellness present: The Happy Bladder Course
March 3rd & 4th 2018
Tutor: Jilly Bond MSc Pelvic Health Specialist, POGP

This course is ideal if you want to feel confident in assessing and providing the best, evidence-based treatment that really works for those with Bladder Pain Syndrome (Interstitial Cystitis). You’ll improve your practical skills and learn to expertly clinically reason the 5 Steps to a Happy Bladder.

From myofascial release to mindfulness, diet to drugs – this course will cover everything that you need to know and do, and then provide you with ongoing professional support. Physiotherapy shouldn’t be the last resort after failed medical intervention, your input can radically change their story.

Course cost is £285 and full details and booking can be found HERE


The Ultrasound Site & Life Fit Wellness present: Introductory 1-day Taster to Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound
19th May 2018
Tutors: Stuart Wildman & David Baker

This one day course on diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound is designed by the clinical contributors to The Ultrasound Site (, who have significant experience in offering high quality training courses. The course is designed to offer an insight into the potential role, training possibilities (eg how to gain competency, and safe use) and clinical utilisation of point of care ultrasound in a musculoskeletal setting.

The course aims to enhance the delegates’ understanding and awareness of the role of diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound and how it could potentially change practice. The course tutors are highly experienced Extended Scope Physiotherapists and musculoskeletal Sonographers who have been using musculoskeletal ultrasound in the NHS (MSK community clinics and Radiology) and private practice for the past seven years.

This is ideal for people who feel they might wish to introduce ultrasound into their practice or those with some limited scanning experience. This is a very practically focused course including learning to visualise common structures around the shoulder, knee and ankle. There will be demonstrations and short lectures, case study discussion as well as plenty of opportunity to practice.  You can read more about the presenters HERE

Course cost is £175.00 but you can save £25 by booking with Pharmacology for Physiotherapists being hosted by Life Fit on May 20th.  To book your place call Life Fit on 01324 614 044  **EARLY BIRD OFFER UNTIL 31.01.18**  Book your place on this course and Pain & Pharmacology and pay only £250 for both

David Baker & Life Fit present: Pain & Pharmacology: Optimizing Patients Analgesia

20th May 2018
Tutor: David Baker BSc Physiotherapy HCPC, MCSP, Musculoskeletal Sonographer

The majority of patients we treat will be taking, or have taken painkillers, right? But did you know that on average, less than half of these patients will be taking them safely and appropriately? Most have unanswered questions about affects, side effects and optimising safe usage… here’s a fantastic opportunity for you to increase your knowledge and confidence of pharmacology and pain control medication – in just 1 day.

Learn to effectively assess and treat patients with poorly controlled pain, through advice and education on safe and effective medicines selection and usage within legal scope of practice – using evidenced based practice to challenge common dysfunctional beliefs and attitudes to medications.

Topics covered

  • Medicolegal framework for prescribing and advising patients on medications
  • Introduction to pharmacokinetics (what body does to drug) and pharmacodynamics (what drug does to body):
  • Side effects and adverse drug reactions – differentiation and managing / reporting
  • Detailed analysis of common pain medication – Including; – Paracetamol, NSAIDs, Opioids, Atypical painkillers – Tricyclic Antidepressants & Anticonvulsants
  • Managing patients with poorly controlled pain – how to be most effective within your scope of practice

Course cost is £150.00 but you can save £25 by booking with Taster to Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound being hosted by Life Fit on May 19th.  To book your place call Life Fit on 01324 614 044 **EARLY BIRD OFFER UNTIL 31.01.18**  Book your place on this course and Taster to Diagnostic Ultrasound and pay only £250 for both

Dr Jeremy Lewis and Life Fit Wellness present:
The Shoulder: Theory & Practice
2nd & 3rd June 2018
Tutor: Dr Jeremy Lewis PhD, FCSP

This evidence-based theoretical and practical course is based on extensive clinical experience in assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of shoulder pathology, as well as extensive reference to research publications from a variety of disciplines.  Emphasis will be placed on clinical reasoning to support management decisions. Participants completing these courses will gain a greater understanding of the anatomy, biomechanics, assessment and evidence-based treatment of this interesting and complicated region of the body.

This course will be fun, thought provoking, and provide opportunity to discuss ideas and share experiences.

Dr Jeremy Lewis is a Consultant Physiotherapist, Professor of Musculoskeletal Research, Sonographer and Independent Prescriber. He has been awarded a Fellowship of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, which is the highest award the Society can bestow on one of its members.

The course cost is £300.00

For more details and to book click HERE


Remedy Courses and Life Fit Wellness present: The Complete Upper Limb Course
30th June & 1st July 2018
Tutor: Thomas CG Mitchell & Andrew Cuff

Aimed at the frontline practitioner, this two-day course will introduce a systematic approach the assessment of the Upper Limb, and offer options for the management of Upper Limb conditions including exercise-based rehabilitation, manual therapy and discussion around the reasoned use of other therapeutic adjuncts. This course aims to equip the attendee with immediate ‘clinic-ready’ strategies, and to consider the person beyond the pathology.

Andrew and Thomas will draw upon their combined experience of assessing and managing Upper Limb conditions in a variety of settings including NHS Practice, Private Practice, Musculoskeletal Service, First Contact Primary Care and Elite Sport. Andrew is a member of the British Elbow & Shoulder Society (BESS) and Thomas is a member of the British Association of Hand Therapists (BAHT).

This course is suitable for all musculoskeletal practitioners that assess or rehabilitate Upper Limb conditions. It will be particularly useful to Newly Qualified, Junior or Senior Physiotherapists within musculoskeletal practice or aspiring ESP clinicians within First Contact Roles of MSK/Orthopaedic triage.

The course cost is £250.00

For more details and to book click HERE


Vital PM and Life Fit Wellness present: Strength & Conditioning with Rehabilitation of Runners
10th & 11th November 2018
Tutors: Benoy Matthew and Glen Robbins

Day 1: Movement Screening and Running Re-training/Day 2: Running Re-training and Conditioning Strategies.

This highly practical course provides a unique opportunity to integrate an evidence based approach to injury prevention and performance enhancement in the management of running injuries. There will be a particular focus on functional screening and movement analysis to guide exercise prescription and progression. Various training models and exercise regimes (Single leg training, Posterior Chain Strength, Hip Stabilisation, Dynamic Core Strength training) will be explored.

There will be a practical demonstration of running analysis to identify inefficient running patterns and develop interpretation skills and correct basic running technique if indicated. Particular emphasis will be placed on analysing running biomechanics using Video Analysis and then correcting movement dysfunction through movement re-education and movement re-patterning, utilising a variety of tools. The evidence behind and practical application of running retraining and adjunctive interventions are also explored.

Book your place now at Early Bird price of £250 instead of the usual price of £275.

For more details and to book click HERE


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