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This week is Back Care Awareness Week in association with the charity @TherealBackCare. Their website has lots of great info about how to look after and manage back pain:

You can find our more about back pain on our website here:
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The resources section on our website has a selection of useful #health related links, videos and advice on various conditions and #injuries :

Our resources section features our own content or that from reputable sources.

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Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) is a non-invasive therapy that can be used in the treatment of many painful conditions, particularly chronic #tendon issues.

Find out more about #Shockwave Therapy, and the conditions it can treat on our website:
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Interested in becoming a #NordicWalking instructor? LFW and @BritNordicWalk are holding a 2 day course which leads to INWA NW instructor certification. This course will be led by our own Arlene Bowmaker on 23-24 October.

For more info or to book see here:
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The anti-ageing effects that regular exercise has are hugely beneficial. We're always advocating the importance of incorporating regular physical activity into your daily routine, not matter what your age! #iamlife #physicalactivity #healthyageing #healthyliving #healthylifestyle LifeFitWellness photo

Stewart was happy to get an upgrade to his #ultrasound scanning equipment, with a new probe that allows for deeper and more detailed imaging. This can be of great benefit when trying to diagnose conditions affecting the #hip and #shoulder in particular.
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