Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a safe, natural, dynamic fun activity where the use of a specially designed pair of Nordic Walking poles is added to your regular natural walking technique.

Correct technical use of the poles helps maintain good posture and integrates the activation of your upper body into the walking, simply meaning you work more muscles at a higher rate!

Nordic Walking can burn similar amounts of calories as running, swimming or aerobics but without the effort being so noticeable. One of the best things about Nordic Walking is that it can be done almost anywhere and in places where you would normally walk; grass, canal paths, tarmac. 

We are able to teach Nordic Walking to individuals, couples, and small groups. Please get in touch with us to find out more information, including availability and pricing options. 

“I never thought I would do anything like this…but I’m so glad I did. Walking with poles uses my whole body and helps loosen everything off. It’s good to join a group spanning all ages…everyone is so friendly. I walk with people recovering from injuries or others, who like myself, want to maintain a good level of fitness and this is a great way to do it! I think Nordic Walking is for everyone who wants to keep fit, whatever age they are.” – NW client at Life Fit