Personal Training


Life Fit Wellness offers high quality personal training sessions delivered by experienced Fitness Coach John Hesketh.

John takes a sensible yet motivating approach to his exercise planning and bases the sessions on the individual needs of his clients. He achieves this by structuring the program on an initial assessment of the client’s needs which is established through discussion, collecting lifestyle information and a baseline physical assessment. From this John will construct an exercise program specifically tailored to the individual’s requirements.

Ongoing assessment allows the client and John to monitor progress and adapt and progress the program to reflect fitness developments.

Working in collaboration with the physiotherapy team, John is perfectly placed to assist with fitness goals alongside the management of injuries or musculoskeletal conditions.

Sessions are available on a on-to-one or bespoke small group basis and take place in the studio gym facilities at Life Fit Wellness.


  • Guided & Supervised Exercise
  • Fitness Development
  • Weight Loss
  • Customised Program


1-to-1 Session (1 Hour)

1 Session: £30
5 Sessions: £130
10 Sessions: £230

2-to-1 Session (1 Hour)

1 Session: £35
5 Sessions: £160
8 Sessions: £240

Bespoke Sessions

Eg. 3-to-1 or 4-to-1
Prices available on request