Life Fit : On Demand

Our on demand service brings the expertise of clinical healthcare and exercise services to the virtual environment, ensuring that every session is not only enjoyable but also optimised for your health needs. Backed by evidence-based practices, our physiotherapy-led courses for back pain and other heath conditions provide a targeted and effective approach to alleviate discomfort, enhance mobility, and promote long-term well-being through self- management.

Choose from a range of high quality, expert-led, on demand courses and exercise sessions:

Back Fit

Back Fit is a specialist physiotherapist-led class for those who have experienced back complaints in the past or for those who are keen to look after the long-term health of their back. Back Fit is for people who have an acute episode of back pain, chronic or recurring back pain, or who want to try and prevent back pain. The programme is for people who have non-specific low back pain (NSLBP).

This programme does not profess to cure ‘Back Pain’ as we do not feel that this is possible. Back pain is commonly a lifestyle issue and making changes to your lifestyle can have a significant positive impact on your pain and function. Back Fit will help identify the changes relevant to you that will help you on the journey to recovery.

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Pilates For Back Pain & Yoga For Back Pain

After completing our Back Fit course, you can choose to enrol on our Pilates for Back Pain or Yoga for Back Pain courses.

Each of these courses is designed to further your understanding of back pain and relevant self-management strategies through either the Pilates method or Yoga philosophy .

Chair Fit

Chair Fit is a predominantly chair based 10 weeks physiotherapist-guided course. It is ideal for anyone with mobility issues wishing to take part in a gentle, yet stimulating exercise session, looking to improve their strength, balance and mobility.

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Other Courses

There are other options either currently available or coming soon to our on demand service, including meditation and guided breathing. You can access our on demand site using the pink button below.