Ear Wax Removal

***This service is only available to those aged 18 years old or over.***

The ear wax removal service at Life Fit Wellness in Falkirk uses microsuction to gently remove any troublesome build up of ear wax within the ear canal. This process is a modern alternative to ear syringing and offers greater accuracy, comfort and effectiveness. All appointments for this service take place in our modern Falkirk clinic with our specially trained healthcare assistant Mhairi

Too much ear wax can lead to the feeling of having blocked ears, ear ache and reduced hearing. Ear wax removal used to be commonly carried out at many GP surgeries but this service has been greatly reduced on the NHS over recent years. 

What is Microsuction?

Microsuction is an ear wax removal procedure that uses a microscope and suction device to gently and quickly remove excess ear wax from the ear canal. Microsuction offers a quicker, cleaner and more accurate alternative to ear irrigation, sometimes known as ear syringing. 

During the appointment, patients will have an ear examination using the latest microscope technology to assess their ear health. Any excess ear wax will then be removed using the microsuction procedure, before receiving follow up advice.  

Although most excess ear wax will be able to be removed during the initial appointment, occasionally patients may have to return for a follow up appointment to complete their treatment. This may happen if the ear wax is very compacted and proves difficult to fully remove during the session.

Before the initial appointment, all patients will receive pre-attendance advice including using EAROL (available from most pharmacies) for 3-5 days before their appointment. EAROL is a natural based ear spray that helps soften the ear wax, making it easier to remove.

The Latest Technology with Tympa Health

The ear health and wax removal service at Life Fit Wellness uses technology from leaders in this field, Tympa Health. The digital microscope device allows for a detailed ear examination by our trained healthcare assistant, ensuring that the following  microsuction is both accurate and appropriate. 

Further Information & Bookings

To book, or if you would like more information, then please contact the clinic and one of our team will get in touch with you to discuss.

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