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Life Fit Wellness and AAPI Present:

Ante & Post Natal Pilates

About APPI’s Ante & Post Natal Pilates

This extremely popular two-day course will take you through practical sessions, workshops and lectures to gain an understanding of Pilates for ante & post natal women. The physiological, biomechanical and postural changes that occur during the childbearing year will be related to the adaption and application of APPI Pilates exercises.

For more detailed information about this course, please see the APPI website by clicking here. 

Life Fit Wellness and AAPI Present:

Pilates Matwork Series

About APPI’s Matwork Series

The APPI curriculum is designed by physiotherapists specifically for those working in the field of rehabilitation. They look at all types of pathology, movement patterns, neuro-muscular timing and neural pathomechanics to underpin the use of each and every exercise in the programme. The traditional Pilates repertoire is broken down into clearly defined levels to ensure a standard, gradual progression towards normal functional movement. Scientific evidence on movement dysfunction, segmental spinal stabilisation, integrated musculofascial patterns, pelvic stability and functional movement retraining form the theoretical foundation for the APPI curriculum.

The Matwork Pilates training series has been designed specifically for those teaching in the rehabilitation setting. Based on the most up to date evidence in spinal stability, pelvic stability, musculofascial alignment, functional retraining principles, strength/conditioning and pain science – this is the essential Pilates training tool for all health professionals.

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