60 Minutes Clinical Specialist Physiotherapy* £69
45 Minutes Clinical Specialist Physiotherapy£59
Review Clinical Specialist Physiotherapy (up to 30 mins)£49
60 Minutes Physiotherapy*£64
45 Minutes Physiotherapy£54
Review Physiotherapy (up to 30 mins) £44
Initial Pelvic Health Physiotherapy£75
Review Pelvic Health Physiotherapy£55
Virtual Physiotherapy Initial Consultation£50
Virtual Physiotherapy Review Consultation£40
*For all new patients to our clinic, initial physiotherapy appointments will be up to 60 minutes in length.  

Other Treatments

Ultrasound Scan & Injection Clinic

Click Here

Dietetics & Nutrition Initial Assessment£85
Sports & Exercise Medicine Initial Consultation (up to 60 minutes)£180
Sports & Exercise Medicine Consultation Review (up to 45 minutes)£160
55 Minutes Sports Massage (60 min appointment time)£50
40 Minutes Sports Massage (45 min appointment time)£40
25 Minutes Sports Massage (30 min appointment time)£30
Golf Screening£75
For other specialist services, please view the relevant website section or contact the clinic for pricing.  


Most classes at Life Fit Wellness use a credit system, where you buy a bundle of credits, attend a class and the credits get deducted. You can use the credits across different classes, offering you flexibility compared to block bookings.

You can buy credits and manage your class bookings directly online after having attended an initial 1-2-1. If you haven’t attended a class with us before please contact the clinic for further details. 

Please note that if classes are cancelled without giving 24 hours notice or are not attended then they are still charged. 

The pricing for credit bundles and their validity are: 

50 Credits – £60 (Valid for 2 months)

100 Credits – £110 (Valid for 3 months)

200 Credits – £200 (Valid for 6 months)

Virtual Pilates Class10c 
Pilates* 10c
Pilates Studio Circuit*15c
Introductory Pilates Bundle (1-2-1 60 mins session + 2 classes)*£50
Pilates Reformer (single session)£60
Pilates Reformer (block of 4 sessions)£180
Chair Fit10c 
Physio Fit10c
HIIT Fit8c
Nordic Walking (own poles)6c
Nordic Walking (with pole hire)8c
Back Fit (4 weeks block)£60
Personal Training PackagesClick Here
*A 1-2-1 session is required prior to attending any Pilates class in order to maximise your enjoyment, safety and effectiveness within the class.