Useful Links

Here are some useful health-related links.  We’ve done the hard work and linked to reputable resources so you don’t have to:

Exercise and physical activity for osteoporosis and bone health.

A simple set of exercises designed especially for older people to help everyone stay active at home.

A collection of resources to help older people stay active

It’s important that children stay active, even during lockdown. Here’s some information on how you can achieve this.

Advice from a special interest group of how to maintain your health during home working situations.

At the moment we’re all spending more time indoors, which means our daily routines have had to change. But staying active and exercising is still important for our physical and mental wellbeing. In this article, Parkinson’s experts share their top tips on how to stay active at home.

If you already exercise for Parkinson’s but find yourself in a position to not be able to take part in your usual class, we can help! 2 weeks of Parkinson’s specific Online exercise absolutely FREE.

This website links to various online pain management resources.

In trying to help patients with non-urgent shoulder and elbow problems during the COVID-19 crisis, members of BESS have used their expertise to select appropriate and up to date medical advice links on the internet to help you during the outbreak.