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Pilates: not a passing fad!

How many exercise fads have come and gone in the last 100 years? Popular for a while, claiming weight loss and instant fitness, endorsed by celebrities and then the next one comes along promising something better. Would it surprise you to know...

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Strength & Conditioning for Knees

"What can I do to help my knee?" is a question I am surprisingly rarely asked. Often when patients come to see me they ask 'How can I (the physiotherapist) fix their knee?' Knee pain is multifactorial and can be coming from multiple...

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Walk Before You Can Run

We love running but so many people start running as an exercise but don't actually do any walking! Yes, obviously they can walk but they don't use walking as an exercise. So why if you don't walk as an exercise do you think you could and should...

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Garden Fit

Well it's just about there folks, better late than never! After what's seems like a very prolonged winter the temperature is rising, slowly and the sun is shining, sometimes. So, It's gardening time! We just wanted to discuss a range of typical...

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Musicians! Are You Fit to Play?

Playing an instrument requires an extraordinary level of dexterity, sensory control, precision and endurance. Musicians spend many hours a day performing repetitive movements in static positions which can overload their body structures and...

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Don’t Let The Snow Cause A Big Freeze

Well what about this weather? The first Red Weather Warning issued in Scotland must mean some significant weather. As a result we shut up shop at Life Fit to keep everyone safe but it did give me a chance to think about how weather and the...

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