Sports Massage

Soft-tissue massage techniques may be used in your physiotherapy treatment regime although more often than not it is only a part of the overall treatment, depending on the problem. It helps to alleviate any tension or stress which builds up in your body’s soft tissue.

Sports Massage tends to be more general or to larger groups of muscle or whole limbs or back etc whereas the soft tissue techniques used during a physiotherapy treatment would target a very specific area.

"Do I need Physiotherapy or Sports Massage?"

We get asked this a lot! In its simplest form if you have got pain it is probably best to get physiotherapy as it involves a more thorough assessment to identify the source of the pain and why you are sore.

If you are tight or achy then a Sports Massage may help but if the problem continues to persist then a more in-depth assessment for physiotherapy may help identify why you are getting tight all the time.

It’s not just sports biased patients who can benefit from sports massage. If you are in a very physical job then a regular massage treatment could help with those niggles that are inherent with your occupation.

Please feel free to call and discuss with one of the physiotherapists if you are in any doubt as to which treatment you may need.