Walk Before You Can Run

We love running but so many people start running as an exercise but don’t actually do any walking!

Yes, obviously they can walk but they don’t use walking as an exercise. So why if you don’t walk as an exercise do you think you could and should run as an exercise?

Before starting a running regime it is well worth establishing a walking regime. If you do have any physical issues you may even need to do something easier before you actually start walking as an exercise. You might have to do some basic leg strengthening, walking on the spot, or even partial body weight exercise such as swimming or cycling. You might also need to lose some weight beforehand even if losing weight is the reason you want to start exercising.

Whatever exercise you start doing you need to start gradually. Long term health is achieved only by starting regimes that are sustainable long term. If you start anything too abruptly it is likely you will not continue and therefore not achieve the objectives you set out to achieve.

If you can, start walking more on a daily basis! If you can’t, for whatever reason, go and see someone such as a physiotherapist or your GP to see if you can remove that barrier.

If you are unsteady, hold onto something, like the kitchen bench, and walk on the spot. You could walk up and down your hallway, up and down stairs or outside between lampposts.

Start gradually within your limits. Get confident that you have achieved your base goals then begin to challenge! 10 steps to 12, 5 laps to 6, 2 flights to 3 continuing to add small manageable but challenging increments. Done every day, for weeks, months and years you will be amazed by what you can achieve. To take your walking to another level you could consider Nordic Walking or with a good walking base you are now ready to take on the running challenge. Perhaps do all three and give yourself variety and options for however you feel, whatever the weather and what time you have available.

If you are a runner but have been ill (such as the flu) or injured you may be able to keep active by walking. Walking is better than doing nothing and can make you return to running quicker and easier.

Move Well, Stay Well, Live Well.

Life Fit Wellness can help.

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