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The Benefits of Golf Screening

Posted 2 years ago

By Emmet Kennedy, Chartered Physiotherapist 

At Life Fit Wellness we have developed a bespoke Golf Screening service. This is based on the TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) screening process but with our own unique additions. Emmet, who runs this service, is TPI certified. This is a world renowned qualification that provides a useful structure to assess how a golfer moves and to guide development of suitable rehabilitation and conditioning programmes.

There are 2 main reasons why you might seek out a golf screening session:

The first reason is to try to identify physical impairments that may influence your golf swing. You might be working with a golf professional who is trying to get you to swing the club in new way but you are struggling to do so. A screening assessment will be able to tell us if you have the physical capabilities to swing in the way your professional is trying to coach you to do so. If you have some restrictions then we will be able to get an insight into whether they are improvable or not. In other words, answering the question of should you work on an exercise programme to make improvements so you can swing in a more ‘optimal’ way or do you build a swing to fit around the restrictions that you have.

The other reason a golf screen might be useful is in the context of injury management. If you are injured or recovering from injury, an assessment will give us information about the way you move and the possible role this has on your pain. This can help us to guide your recovery via targeted rehabilitation. An injured golfer is an unhappy golfer so anything that helps to optimise their return to full play should be emphasised. Of useful note is that screening in general is not thought to be very helpful in predicting injury. So if you are currently injury free, a golf screen in itself won’t necessarily tell us how likely you are of picking up a future injury.

If you would like any additional information then please contact the clinic on 01324 614044, email Emmet at or visit our relevant Golf Screening section on our website