Dr Nikos Jakubiak

BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, HCPC, RD, ASCC
Clinical Dietitian and Performance Nutritionist
Available: Please contact the clinic for availability

Nikos began his career in the NHS, where he worked for many years before his passion for sports led him to join the Scottish Institute of Sport, where he supports some of Scotland’s best athletes in their journey to sporting excellence. Nikos first started working in high performance sport in 1995 as a Taekwondo coach in Greece where he achieved a Diploma in Olympic Taekwondo (TKD) coaching.

As a keen competitor himself and an inquisitive coach he quickly realised the importance of nutrition for performance, especially in a weight-controlled sport like TKD, and went on to study Dietetics at a college in Athens. He became very passionate about nutrition and only a few years later he decided to further his studies in Scotland where he completed a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition and Dietetics at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

He subsequently worked as a state registered dietitian for the NHS specialising in dietary management of diabetes and its complications. During his time at the NHS Nikos also attained an MSc in Strength and Conditioning from Edinburgh University and an accreditation from the UK Strength and Conditioning Association.

Over the years, the diversity of his skills and experience have allowed him to help people with a wide range of challenges: from people with weight management and other diet related clinical issues, to people getting ready for a local racing event or to compete at the Olympic Games!

Outside his work as a dietitian and despite a very busy schedule, Nikos continues to coach Scotland’s best Olympic Taekwondo athletes most of whom have represented the British and the Scottish National teams.