Steroid Injections (Cortisone)

What is a corticosteroid injection?

Corticosteroids are naturally produced within the adrenal glands in the body. They are a strong anti-inflammatory hormone and help to regulate our body’s healing response amongst many other roles.

Corticosteroids (sometimes called ‘cortisone’) have been manufactured to be injected directly into the tissues that are causing your symptoms. In many respects it is a safer alternative to taking anti-inflammatory medication by mouth.

It acts primarily in the area injected and is not the same as the steroids taken by bodybuilders or athletes.

Steroid injections can be used in a large variety of conditions such as arthritis, Frozen Shoulder, trigger finger, tendinitis and bursitis.

What are the benefits?

Why should I have a corticosteroid injection? ​

The injection can help to relieve swelling, pain and stiffness caused by inflammation. This may in turn help you to start your rehabilitation and return to normal activities sooner by ‘breaking the cycle’ of pain and inflammation.

It can also be helpful to aid in the diagnosis of your condition if it is not clear which structures are responsible for your pain. You may also have a local anaesthetic injected at the same time, which allows for temporary pain relief.

All injections at Life Fit Wellness are administered by experts under ultrasound-guidance. Studies consistently show that this provides a more accurate injection and optimises the outcomes. Read more about about ultrasound-guided injections here.

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Consultation + Ultrasound Scan + Steroid Injection = £220 
Consultation + Ultrasound Scan + 2 x Steroid Injections = £250
Consultation + Ultrasound Scan + Hip Joint Steroid Injection = £250
Consultation + Ultrasound Scan + 2 x Hip Joint Steroid Injection = £300

N.B. These costs are for consultation and services with Stewart Kerr

For prices with Dr Alethea McHardy please click here.