Pilates Reformer

Using a Pilates Reformer brings another dimension to our Pilates services. The extra external resistance from the springs and the effort required to stabilise the body on a moving platform adds a different challenge to your programme and helps produce faster results for a strong body.

The Pilates Reformer is the most popular and versatile piece of all the Pilates equipment. It opens the door to hundreds of strengthening and stretching exercises and also acts as a powerful rehabilitation tool. Exercises on the Pilates Reformer machine are precise and combine movements in several planes of motion, which requires a strong mind/body connection.

Not only can you strengthen your core muscles with Pilates exercises on the reformer but you can also get your hips and knees moving quickly after knee and hip surgery as you perform movements lying down using the springs as resistance rather than being on your feet. It is not only for the lower body, the shoulders and muscles around the shoulder blades can be mobilised and strengthened to help recovery after fractures, rotator cuff sprains and impingement problems.


60 Minute Class

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