Ultrasound Scan

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Diagnostic ultrasound is an excellent imaging modality for tendon, muscle, ligament and joint structures.  The high quality machine at Life Fit Wellness means that superb resolution images can be obtained thus improving the ability to assist in diagnosis.   Indeed, ultrasound is seen as the ‘gold standard’ in tendon imaging.

Ultrasound offers several advantages over other forms of imaging such as x-ray and MRI scans.  Firstly, ultrasound is very safe as it uses sound waves rather that emitting radiation.  It also provides a ‘real time’ image allowing the sonographer to evaluate structures as they move and in different positions.  The other great advantage of ultrasound is that of Doppler imaging which allows the clinician to determine the presence of extra blood flow often associated with inflammation.   

These factors combine to make ultrasound a very valuable form of musculoskeletal imaging.  When combined with a thorough clinical examination, scans can assist in accurate diagnosis and help you and the clinician make the best treatment decisions for your presentation.

Ultrasound can also be use to perform Ultrasound-Guided Injections to improve the accuracy of injection procedures. Read more here.